Terms of Use

Terms of Use

Akkuş Textile Website ("the Website"), creators of every kind of content in the Website, workers of the company, personnel or institutions authorized by Akkuş Textile shall not have any legal or penal responsibility in the future for any claim regarding moral or material damage irrespective of your reading or not reading this terms herein.

In no event shall Akkuş Textile have any legal, penal and/or personal responsibility for writings, information, comments, pictures etc. published in the Website by visitors of the Website, participants of commentary platform, companies issuing advertisements and sponsorships, as well as for information and comments including without limitation persons and publications acquired by the usage of Akkuş Textile logo, home page or subsections in other websites and by the usage of web, e-mail, mobile webpage etc. services as well as any content uploaded and published by users in Akkuş Textile servers, and for any content, and for any content which is not within the responsibility or authority of Akkuş Textile due to the structure of the internet according to general inclinations, and Website visitors hereby agrees and declares these terms once they visit the Website.

Akkuş Tekstil, is entitled to change and update unilaterally the provisions and terms herein at any time without prior notification requirement.

All information, statistical graphics and values are acquired and collected from sources having reliability within general trends and their correctness and sufficiency is not guaranteed under any circumstances by Akkuş Textile. Akkuş Textile shall not have any legal or penal responsibility in the future for direct or indirect any moral and/or material, any positive and/or negative damages or any other damages or costs arising from the usage of information, evaluation, comment or statistical graphic or values.

It is assumed and agreed by you that you have read aforespecified warnings and notifications before entering to the Website, and that in case of any conflict, claim or demand, these notifications written in the Website and all other computer records belonging to Akkuş Textile shall be presented to the authority of Istanbul Courts and Execution Offices as single and exclusive evidence in accordance with the Article 193 of Court Law is declared by Akkuş Textile and agreed, declared and guaranteed by the person(s) and institution(s) entering the Website herein.